Indian Multinational

IFGL Refractories
Unit 1, Kalunga, India
IFGL Refractories Unit 2, Kalunga, India
IFGL Refractories, Kandla Facility, India
IFGL Refractories, Vizag Facility, India
(Under Construction)

Indo Flogates founded

Collaborated with Flogates, UK
(India’s 1st Factory)
Manufacture of Flocon Slide Gate Mechanism & Refractories

IFGL Refractories founded in Collaboration with
Harima Ceramic Co., Japan

Indo Flogates merged with IFGL Refractories
Manufacture of Slide Gate for Furnace and Converters
Manufacture of Continuous Casting Refractories started
Manufacture of IPV Porous Plug started

Export thrust

Monocon Group acquired engaged in manufacture of
Lances, Darts, Monolithics and Castables
(Manufacturing in China, UK and USA)

Goricon Group acquired

Hofmann Ceramic Group Germany acquired engaged in manufacture of Ceramics, Filters and Chill Plates for foundrie (Manufacturing in Germany and Czech Republic)

EI Ceramics LLC and CUSC International Limited
acquired engaged in Manufacture of Alumina Graphite Continuous Casting Refractories (Manufacturing in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

IFGL Exports Limited
Commenced commercial production of Isostatically pressed
Continuous Casting Refractories
(Manufacturing in Kandla Special Economic Zone, Gujarat, India)

Erstwhile IFGL Refractories Limited merged with IFGL Exports Limited
(renamed as IFGL Refractories Limited)

New Manufacturing facility in Visakhapatnam, India
Manufacture of New Products including
Monolithics and Precast Shapes

Monocon International Refractories, UK
Mono Ceramics, USA
Tianjin Monocon, China
Hofmann Ceramic, Germany
EI Ceramics, USA