IFGL Refractories Ltd. is a manufacturer of Specialized Refractories and requisite Operating Systems for Iron and  Steel Industry.

IFGL has a large pool of trained engineers and application specialists to offer customers Total Solution for Refractory for flow control in Steel Teeming and Continuous Casting of Steel.

The Slide Gate Refractories Plant was started in the year 1984. Indo Flogates was a joint venture with Flogates Ltd, UK and an exclusive Indian Licensee of Flocon Slide Gate Systems, developed by US Steel Corporation through their wholly-owned subsidiary USS Engineers and Consultants Inc. This plant now manufacturers Slide Gate Systems and Refractories with the latest know-how from Krosaki Harima Corporation, Japan, a subsidiary of Nippon Steel Corporation.

The Continuous Casting Refractories Plant set up in technical collaboration with Krosaki Harima Corporation, Japan (then known as Harima Ceramics Corporation) started production in 1993 manufacturing Isostatically Pressed Continuous Casting Refractories and Magnesia Carbon Tap Hole Sleeves.
IFGL operates the Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

IFGL acquired Monocon Group in September, 2005, with production facilities for

  • Tundish Spraying Mass
  • Refractory Darts
  • Monolithic Lances
  • Robotics for EAF, Ladle and Tundish lining maintenance.
  • Monolithics for EAF, Ladle and Tundish

In December, 2006, Monocon Group acquired Goricon Metallurgical Services Ltd, Wales (UK) and Goricon LLC, Ohio (USA) engaged in manufacture of Darts, Lances, Ladle Powders etc used by the Steel Industry.

In July, 2008 Hoffman Group was acquired with manufacturing facilities for

  • Foundry Ceramics – Casting Filters, Feeders, SiC Chill Plates, Pouring System and Monoblock Stopper
  • High Grade fire proof refractory shapes
  • Drawing tools and Tread Guides

In September, 2010 IFGL acquired EI Ceramics LLC and CUSC International Limited (CUSC), both Cincinnati, Ohio based companies engaged in manufacture of Isostatically Pressed Continuous Casting Refractories.

IFGL merged with its subsidiary, IFGL Exports Limited, also engaged in manufacture of Continuous Casting Refractories at new area of Kandla Special Economic Zone, in the state of Gujarat (India), on and from 1st April, 2016 following an Order passed on 3rd August, 2017 by the Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal, Kolkata Bench. Subsequently on and from 25th October, 2017 name of said IFGL Exports Limited has changed to IFGL Refractories Limited.

IFGL now have manufacturing facilities in China, Germany, India, UK and USA.

IFGL, an Indian Multinational Company from S K Bajoria Group, is listed both on BSE and NSE in India